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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Homeowners should take steps to ensure that their homes are protected from bedbugs. Although there are other solutions, it is wise to use a bedbug cover on your mattress. Doing so is an effective method for preventing problems in the future. However, it is not the perfect solution. Failing to use a bedbug mattress cover is never a good idea. After all, this allows the bugs to crawl up your bed frame and hide on your mattress. Then, they’ll be able to feed on you conveniently in the middle of the night. You don’t want this to happen so you should use a bedbug mattress cover. With a mattress cover, you can eliminate some bugs and prevent others from hiding on your mattress. While this isn’t a guaranteed fix, it will help. It is estimated that 90% of bedbugs in a bedbug infestation will hide on the mattress. Using a cover to eliminate them will make a difference. Learn more about this in the guide below.

Using A Bedbug Mattress Protector

Bedbug mattress protectors are very helpful for protecting yourself from bedbugs. A mattress protector is a large piece of fabric designed to encapsulate your mattress. A high-quality cover will feature a zipper so the bugs can be trapped inside. The fabric will be strong enough to keep bedbugs out while trapping others in. Once the bugs are trapped, it is only a matter of time before they die. Typically, they’ll perish within two weeks because they won’t be able to feed. Since bugs won’t be able to access the mattress, it’ll be easier to eliminate them.

Choosing A Great Mattress Protector For Bedbugs

For the best results, pick a good mattress protector. Otherwise, it may rip and leave you vulnerable. Use the advice below to avoid potential problems.

Full Encasements Only

First, you must make sure that you’re buying a full encasement. It should fully wrap around the mattress. If it only covers a portion of the mattress, it will provide limited benefits.

Properly Sealing

The mattress cover needs to seal properly. The zipper must be high-quality so it can prevent bedbugs from entering. The material must be durable too. Make sure that the cover is going to provide years of protection.


It is essential to pick a mattress cover that has been thoroughly tested. Make sure it was tested and approved by professionals.

No Toxins

Don’t pick a mattress cover that contains toxins. Doing so will expose you and your loved ones to health hazards. Instead, the cover should be free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

How Effective & Protective Are Mattress Covers For Bedbugs?

Bedbug mattress covers can indeed be effective, but they’re not perfect. The effectiveness depends on the quality of the cover. Some are better than others. If the cover has weak materials or a bad zipper, it likely isn’t going to work. It’ll rip or the zipper will break. Then, bugs will be able to reach your mattress anyway. If you buy an excellent mattress cover, it will work exceptionally well. Still, you must understand that the mattress cover is only going to protect your mattress. It won’t protect your bedroom, baseboards, or bed frame. You’ll have to work with a professional exterminator to take care of the other bugs in the residence. Schedule an appointment with our experts today to get rid of the bugs tomorrow.

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