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Bed Bugs

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Most people are worried about bedbugs because they’ve heard about a recent infestation in their city. Ultimately, it is wise to be aware of the risk because bedbugs are spreading rapidly. The problem is quickly worsening and infesting more structures. As the name implies, bedbugs prefer hiding on beds and mattresses. They’re very small so they’ll have no trouble hiding from the homeowner. Unfortunately, bedbugs are going to feed on human blood. Once you go to sleep, they’re going to come out of hiding and suck your blood. When you wake up in the morning, you may find small welts on your body where you’ve been bitten.

Reasons For Invasions Of Bedbugs

Are you wondering why bedbugs want to enter your home? Ultimately, it is easy to find out why. Truthfully, bedbugs want to feed on human blood. If they manage to invade your home, they will have access to human blood. Nevertheless, you must understand that bedbugs are tricky pests that can enter your home using numerous methods. In some cases, they’ll exit your neighbor’s flat and enter your home. They can travel a long distance. However, this is the least likely way for cockroaches to enter your residence. Instead, they’re going to enter your home after a motel stay. If bedbugs are living in a motel room, every visitor could experience problems.

The bugs will hide in your luggage and on your clothes. When you leave the motel, the bedbugs will go with you. After you’ve reached home, the bugs will enter your home. Unfortunately, your infestation will worsen rapidly. Bedbugs can also hide on used furniture and clothes. Therefore, you may experience an infestation after buying used belongings.

Bedbug Health Hazards

Bedbugs are going to bite and suck blood. Therefore, the thought of a bedbug infestation can be frightening. Nevertheless, you’ll be relieved to learn that these bugs are not dangerous. Bedbugs will feed on humans, pets, and other warm-blooded animals. They prefer humans though. A bedbug bite will transfer saliva that could cause you to develop a red welt. Otherwise, you may not realize that you’ve been bitten.

Elimination Techniques For Bedbugs

You must study the available techniques for eliminating bedbugs so you can find the best one for your unique situation. The best method depends on the severity of the infestation and the type of building you’re dealing with. Larger structures require different methods than smaller structures. Before signing up for bedbug treatments, allow a professional to thoroughly inspect your property. After they’ve confirmed the infestation, pick the treatment method that works best for you.

Manual Treatments

Our technicians can provide you and other clients with manual bedbug treatments. We tend to use this method when we have to remove bedbugs from one room in a structure. It would be a good choice for removing bedbugs from your bedroom. Our manual services do not have to use chemicals although they may be used in some situations. Our clients will need to complete a checklist before we can treat the home using manual services.


When possible, we prefer fixing the problem using heat because it is fast, efficient, and safe. Heat is a good option when treating cluttered homes. If you don’t want to move your furniture around, choose heat. The method works by raising the temperature in your home. Once a specific temperature is achieved, the bedbugs in your home will begin dying. Heat can eliminate all bedbugs and eggs in one visit. Since you don’t have to move your furniture, the method is convenient for us and our client.

Heat is the most popular chemical-free solution for bedbug infestations. However, some exterminators may decide to add Diatomaceous Earth to the treatment plan. The natural dust will help eliminate more bedbugs.


We feel that fumigation is best for large,  structures. For instance, we’d prefer to use this method when treating a motel with bedbugs. It usually isn’t used in resident structures. Fumigation can take care of the most severe infestations. While tenants don’t have to prepare or move furniture around, they will need to leave the building. Typically, they can return after 48 hours. Our fumigation services will use Vikane to eradicate the bedbugs in your building.

DIY Bedbug Methods

Could our clients eliminate the bedbugs in their homes using DIY methods? Anything is possible. Still, we do not believe that DIY methods are great. Truthfully, it is hard to eliminate bedbugs using DIY methods. When using these techniques, you have to treat every bug in the home. Bedbugs hide in beds, furniture, and holes. Therefore, there is a chance that some of the bedbugs are going to be missed during the treatment process. If this happens, the infestation will worsen again.

Another concern is that the DIY methods may rely on hazardous materials. We recommend letting our technicians resolve this issue for you. When you’re ready, we’ll tell you more about our safer solutions.

Eliminating Bedbugs Safely

We always aim to provide our clients with safe bedbug solutions. We’re going to achieve this goal by thoroughly training our clients to use the latest EPA-approved methods. We would never put our clients in danger. Since we’re using EPA-registered techniques to eliminate the bedbugs in your home, these techniques are not going to harm people, pets, or plants. Do you want to learn more about our safe bedbug treatments? Call to find out more.

Average Treatment Prices

Due to the status of the economy, it can be difficult to handle unexpected expenses. We understand this. We strive to ensure that our clients receive the best services at the most reasonable prices. We’ll give our clients a free quote before the process begins. Typically, the price will depend on the size of the structure and the method used. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Avoiding Bedbug Invasions

You must take steps to prevent bedbugs from entering your residence in the future. Make sure that you choose clean motels. Always check the room before placing your bags on the ground. If the room has bedbugs, ask for a refund and move motels. Be cautious when purchasing used clothes and furniture.

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