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Lady Bugs

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While considered a pesky insect, the ladybug is portrayed as a gentle animal. There are endless book titles in which the primary character is a ladybug. Each title portrays the insect as peaceable and harmless. This is the thing with authors, they utilize their imaginations to bring even the most aggressive insect to light in a good way. Fortunately, in this case, the ladybug is a gentle insect, but a pest, nonetheless.

The ladybug has a tiny body, with six elbow-shaped legs, two antennas, and two wings. To protect the body and hind wings, the insect has a set of shell-like (hardened) forewings known as “elytra.”

The ladybug is a beetle from the “Coccinellidae” family. There are literally thousands of beetles, with the ladybug one of the most well-known. The tiny insect frame measures between 1/32 and ½ of an inch. The elytra are the insect’s most visible feature. The red, yellow, or orange base is sprinkled with tiny black spots.

Why Is There A Colony Of Ladybugs Targeting My Home?

The ladybug is a tame species. However, the insect can be something when it is time to prepare for overwintering. This process allows insects to remain in a sleep-like state throughout the winter season. Why is overwintering so important to the ladybug? Firstly, it allows the insect to sleep through the harshest and mildest part of the winter season. Insects that do not overwinter are forced to forage for food, fight off predators, and battle the bitter cold all winter long. Overwintering ensures the ladybug and other insect species survive the insect’s harshest season.

With overwintering in mind, the ladybug needs to shelter down before overwintering kicks in. Depending on the weather, insect overwintering begins in late fall or early winter. Regardless, the ladybug needs to be sheltered in place before the harsh part of the winter sets in. This is why the ladybug colony has your home surrounded. The insects are waiting for an opportunity to invade your home in search of a winter shelter.

Do Entomologists Classify The Ladybug As A “Dangerous Species?

No, the ladybug is exactly as it is portrayed in children’s books. The insect is one of the least aggressive species. With this said, the insect is still a pest.

Ladybugs can get a bitt aggressive as they prepare for overwintering. The insect will put its tiny stinger to work but only if danger is sensed. The most obtrusive thing about the ladybug is a chemical-based secretion generated by tiny glands. Aldehyde is a foul-smelling secretion that is mostly linked to the stinkbug.

Aldehyde has a distinct odor that deters predatory insects and animals from coming too close to the ladybug. It can also be utilized to keep humans at bay as well. The secretion is long-lasting, with staining properties.

 What Is The Best Treatment For Ladybug Colonies?

Whenever a ladybug colony is spotted in or around a home, it can be problematic. Ladybugs colonize to protect their species. While not in the same manner as honeybees, ants, and termites, colonizing can prove helpful for the ladybug. As far as commercial, industrial, and residential properties, ladybug colonizing can be agonizing. A colony of ladybugs can easily transform into an infestation before winter sets in.

The ladybug opts for a shelter far out of sight from what it perceives as a threat. The ideal overwintering shelter is warm, dark, concealed, and safe.

Since ladybugs do live in colonies, an infestation is always a possibility. As previously mentioned, the species can get quite aggressive before the overwintering process begins.

A few ladybugs can be eradicated with an over-the-counter pest control product like a pesticide. A full-blown infestation will require more aggressive treatment, such as professional extermination.

Our pest management company utilizes state-of-the-art extermination equipment and treatments to eradicate ladybug colonies.

How Long Will It Take For The Exterminator To Arrive?

Our operational processes are efficient to ensure timely responses to all service requests. When a customer submits a home ladybug inspection request, a member of our customer service team begins processing it. Once the service request is processed, the representative reaches out to the customer. The customer works with the representative to schedule the inspection. It takes between 24 and 48 hours to process a service request in many cases.

Can Homeowners Get Rid Of Ladybugs?

It depends on the severity of the problem. Once a ladybug has settled in for the winter, it will remain hidden until the following spring. In the meantime, the insect is hiding among your personal possessions.

Ladybugs are known to shelter inside electronic devices, unused clothes, storage crates, windowsills, picture frames, and shipping boxes. Your home could be infested without you even being aware of it. This is why we recommend routine inspections of the interior and exterior of all homes.

Are Pest Control Products Harmful To The Environment?

Pest control products do contain chemicals that pose some environmental risks. The Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” partners with pesticide manufacturers and pest control service providers throughout the United States to reduce potential environmental risks.

Our pest control product line includes organic, natural, and traditional pesticides and insecticides. We also employ extermination techniques to eradicate ladybug infestation.

Our pesticides are approved by the EPA.

Basics About Ladybugs

Ladybugs can be found in our city throughout the year. Ladybugs belong
to the Coccinellidae family and are readily found in our area. At the
maximum, the largest ladybugs can easily reach half an inch. In terms
of color, they’re commonly found in orange, yellow, and scarlet. They
always have small black dots on their wings. As for their legs, heads,
and antennas, they’re black. Today, researchers have identified more
than 5,000 ladybug species with roughly 450 being native to North
America. Typically, ladybugs are beneficial because they can help
eradicate other pests.
However, certain ladybug species can become pests in certain
circumstances. It is common for commercial establishments to use
ladybugs to get rid of scale insects, aphids, mites, and other pests
around gardens. Learn more about these overwintering pests below.

Ladybugs Are Overwintering

One thing that consumers in our service area must know is that
ladybugs are overwintering pests. As a result, they do not want to get
caught outside during cold weather. If they do, the bugs will perish.
To prevent this from happening, the ladybugs around your area will
attempt to seek shelter in your residence. They can hide elsewhere,
but you can guarantee that many will enter your home. After that
happens, it’ll be very to eliminate the pests. Call a professional to
help eliminate them right away.

How Does Ladybug Pest Management Work?

Our pest management is ideal for all insect species, including the ladybug. We work with community members to create protective barriers around their homes to combat pest problems.

Our professional pest control includes a meeting to educate every member of the household about pest infestation. A qualified technician works with the client to devise a ladybug prevention strategy. We recommend the client visually inspect the home at least once a year. Any opening that could be utilized as an access point for ladybugs needs to be sealed. Even the tiniest exterior-to-interior hole could give the ladybug access to your home.!

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