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Have you encountered earwigs around your Temecula California residence? Once this happens, you should learn more about these pests so you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Otherwise, you may have difficulty eliminating the infestation. Earwigs are members of the Dermaptera order. They’re unique because they have long bodies and horny appendages that are called cerci. Their cerci are pinchers that can be used to pinch your skin. You can identify the sex of the earwig by looking at its cerci. Male earwigs tend to have curvier and larger cerci than female earwigs.

The size of the cerci varies significantly. In some cases, they’re nonexistent. However, they can grow up to a third of the bug’s body length. You’ll also find that some of these bugs have wings. Even when the earwig has wings, they’re not going to fly. Earwigs have dark brown or reddish-brown bodies. They range in size from half an inch to a quarter of an inch. However, there are bigger earwigs. In particular, the Saint Helena Gaint Earwig is the biggest since it can reach three inches in length.

Researchers have identified more than 900 species with most of them residing in areas with temperate climates. Many people fear earwigs because there is a myth that they’ll climb into ears and burrow in brains.

Causes Of Earwig Infestations

What causes earwigs to invade a residence? What can you do to keep them out of your home? Earwigs tend to move indoors when it gets hot and dry outside. These pests want to reside in temperate, dark, damp locations. If they can find a way to enter a home, business, or other building, they’ll have access to plenty of suitable hiding spots. They’ll find a place to hide, settle down, and begin reproducing. Before you know it, the small infestation will rapidly worsen. Suffice to say, it is wise to identify and deal with your earwig infestation promptly.

Unfortunately, this is harder than you could ever imagine because the pests are nocturnal. They tend to remain hidden during the day. They come out at night to search for food. While they can eat other things, they tend to feed on arthropods and plants. If you have mites or fleas in your home, you’ll be more likely to encounter earwigs. When searching your home for earwigs, be sure to check your kitchen, basement, and bathroom. They’re commonly found in these areas.

How Dangerous Are Earwigs?

Many clients are worried about the health hazards linked to earwigs. Can these pests harm you? Ultimately, you can rest assured knowing everything will be okay. Earwigs have pinchers that can be used to pinch your skin. Nevertheless, the pests are small and weak so they’re not going to pierce your skin. It can be scary though. They’re not going to hurt you or inject venom. Truthfully, the biggest problem associated with earwigs is the fact that they’re going to destroy your plants.

If you have houseplants, you’ll need to protect them from earwigs.

Eliminating Infestations Of Earwigs At Home

Once earwigs are found in your home, take steps to remove them. Otherwise, they’ll reproduce and the infestation will quickly grow. It isn’t always easy to eliminate earwigs so it might be best to hire a professional exterminator. Doing so will allow you to rectify the problem swiftly while protecting your loved ones. If you’re going to handle it on your own, you should begin by controlling the earwigs around your property. Reduce the earwig population to ensure that earwigs cannot enter your home.

You can change certain things around your home to make it less attractive to earwigs. For starters, you should switch your exterior lightbulbs to sodium vapor lights. Earwigs prefer neon, white, and mercury vapor lights. If you use sodium vapor lights, earwigs will be more likely to stay away from your home. Prevent light from seeping through doors and windows at night. Finally, seal all gaps and holes around your exterior walls so they cannot find a way to enter your residence.

When Can You Get Here?

We know how eager you are to resolve this issue. Don’t delay getting in touch with our knowledgeable representatives. After you’ve called our office, we’ll make sure you hear from us within 48 hours.

Safer Treatments For Our Clients

When it comes to providing safe treatments, you can depend on us. We believe our client’s safety is paramount. While we want to eliminate the pests rapidly, we’re not going to use dangerous chemicals that could harm you, your loved ones, or your pets. Instead, we thoroughly trained our technicians to ensure they can deliver rapid, safe results. You’ll also appreciate that we’re only going to use EPA-approved treatments in your home. Ultimately, this combination means that you’re going to receive the best and safest results possible.

If you’re adamant about protecting the one you love, call to take advantage of our services. We’ll tell you more about the safety protocols we follow before the treatment begins.

Preventing Invasions

You must take steps to avoid future earwig infestations because they will return. If they’ve entered your home before, they’ll become back. Once you’ve eliminated them, you should make sure that they’re not going to return. The best way to do that is by making your home less attractive. Start by using sodium vapor yellow lights because earwigs do not like these lightbulbs as much. You’ll also need to deal with moisture issues around your home. Earwigs prefer hiding in dark, moist locations. Deal with excess moisture in your bathroom, kitchen, and basement.

You must take care of your property to keep earwigs away. Clean the debris from your property. Finally, make sure that your exterior walls are fully sealed.

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