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Fleas can be found in your city. If you have pets, you’re going to be much more likely to have to deal with a flea infestation in the future. Although fleas primarily target dogs and cats, they can feed on human blood too. Therefore, even non-pet owners have to take steps to protect themselves from these pesky invaders. They can cause serious health hazards by feeding on blood and transmitting deadly illnesses. If you’ve found fleas in your home, don’t delay getting professional assistance. Otherwise, the infestation will worsen and you’ll put your pet’s life at risk.

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Cat Fleas Are Common In Our City

There are countless species of fleas. Although they share many traits and behaviors, you’ll find that they’re different in various ways. One thing to remember is that fleas are dangerous and can target a variety of prey. While our clients may encounter other flea species, the most common is the cat flea. It is roughly an eighth of an inch. Since it is as thin as a credit card, you won’t be able to grab it with your fingers. Although they’re called cat fleas, they’re not only going to target fleas. They’ve also been known to feed on skunks, foxes, opossums, dogs, and more. They can also bite your skin.

They’re quick and difficult to catch. You won’t be able to pick them off your pet’s skin. Instead, you’ll want to hire a professional to ensure that the infestation can be dealt with promptly. We recommend calling our office. We’re always here to help locals deal with such problems.

Worried About Flea Bites?

Fleas can bite and their bites can lead to an abundance of problems. With this in mind, you need to be ready to deal with a flea infestation immediately. Once you’ve found these pests in your home, don’t delay getting professional assistance. Otherwise, your pets may develop an allergic reaction caused by the flea’s saliva. In addition to this, pets can experience severe blood loss and death. As the infestation worsens, the risks involved will climb significantly. Be careful to prevent the infestation from killing your pet.

Preventing Invasions Of Fleas In Your Home

Eliminating flea infestations will prove to be very difficult. It is often better to avoid such a daunting task in the first place. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to achieve either goal. However, it tends to be easier to keep fleas away from your home. Doing so will help protect your pets while ensuring you don’t have to hire an exterminator. To keep fleas away from your pets, use the advice provided below.

  • It is wise to second guess yourself when adopting a pet. Although the dog is cute, it could have fleas. If it does, you’re going to bring fleas into your home. Then, the fleas will target your other pets too.
  • Using anti-parasite medication designed to control and prevent fleas can help. Talk to your vet about getting a suitable medication for your pet.
  • Always keep your grass mowed. Doing so will help prevent fleas from hiding around your property. Your grass should never be 3 inches or higher.
  • Be careful about the wild animals around your home. Don’t feed them. If you do, they’ll continue returning and they could bring fleas with them.
  • Stop animals from climbing under your desk. Install a barrier to ensure that deer, opossums, and other pests cannot get under there.
  • Be sure to check your pets for fleas regularly. When you bathe them, check their skin for signs of fleas. You can also check their clothes and covers.
  • Wash your pet’s blankets regularly.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to eliminate fleas around your home. The vacuum will suck up the fleas so you can dispose of them. It’ll also help get rid of flea eggs.

There is always a risk that fleas are going to find a way onto your property. Once this happens, getting rid of them will prove to be very difficult. At times, it’ll seem impossible. It doesn’t have to be. If you want to rectify this problem swiftly, remember that we’re here to help. Our technicians offer cost-effective, reliable flea remedies. We serve Temecula CA and nearby areas. Call our office to learn more about our harmless solutions. We use EPA-approved methods to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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